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Best mattress for athletes

Best mattress for athletes. As an athlete, you need to be able to perform at the top of your game but sleeping on the wrong mattress could be hindering your performance.

Importance of recovery sleep

Physical repair 

Being able to perform at your physical peak is essential if you are a competitive athlete and you will know that your sleep plays a significant part in that. As athletes, your body needs to be able to repair and grow muscles as well as replenish your energy levels for your next training session or actual event and your mattress plays a big part. 

Mental recovery

Staying focused during training or competition is a must-do. Not being mentally alert can be the difference between a gold or silver medal so being mentally prepared is non-negotiable in an athlete’s world. 

Immune system

Strenuous physical exertion temporarily weakens the immune system. This in itself is not an ideal scenario for an athlete because that can cause illness which will interfere with your training schedule. A good mattress will promote quality sleep for athletes and in turn, boost your immune system which will keep your training schedule on track.

Why athletes need the best mattress

Syncing all of the aspects in training can set you apart from the opposition. Getting quality sleep on a suitable mattress should be at the top of your list for athletes so that you can stay ahead of the pack. There are many reasons that you would need to invest in a mattress that checks the boxes for your needs. So what should you be looking for? 

Mattress support and comfort for athletes

Whether or not you get to the top of your game can be determined by the mattress type. It is suggested that a medium or medium to firm mattress is the best. A study of sleep and athletic performance has highlighted the connection between quality sleep and your performance. If your mattress does not accommodate your support and comfort needs, you can never achieve this quality of sleep. So you must choose something that will be comfortable for you as well as support your body properly during sleep. A medium-feel mattress is great for athletes 

Responsive sleep surface

Athletes will need a responsive sleep surface on a mattress. This means that you would need to look at options that promote breathability, cooling, and no-motion transfer options. These factors all contribute to getting quality sleep that will promote rest that is required for rebuilding your body after training or competition. 

What we suggest as good mattresses for athletes 

Given the requirements listed above, we recommend either a memory foam, latex foam, or a hybrid mattress with cooling gel. All of these features of the mattresses will allow athletes to rest, rejuvenate, and perform at their best. 

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