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Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

The best mattress for back sleepers are ones that allows you to get quality sleep while maintaining the correct spinal alignment. It should keep your spine inline during sleep and not allow the hips to fall below what would be considered the perfect alignment area. If you mattress does not keep that alignment it will either let your hips sink too low or keep them propped up in an unnatural position. This will not only restrict your ability to get quality sleep but will possibly also give you lower back stiffness.

The incorrect mattress and back stiffness

Morning back stiffness and pain is a common ailment amongst back sleepers. This is usually caused by a mattress that is either too soft or too firm.

Mattress too soft – When it is too soft it will not keep your hips propped up the the correct position and your spine will bow downwards. This action causes your muscles to want to correct the malalignment and pull your lower spine downwards

Mattress too firm – If your mattress is too firm your back will not be able to get into the correct position either. This is because the firm surface will cause your lower back to bow downward because there is no was the heavier parts can sink into the correct position.

Both instances will cause the lower back muscles to work overtime by trying to correct the alignment of your spine. So it is important to choose something that will allow a neutral sleep position and leave your body relaxed during sleep.

Additional negative of the wrong mattress for back sleepers

Apart form the lower back issues that you may encounter, not getting quality sleep will have a negative impact on your day to day life. Even though you may get what you think is the right amount of hours sleep per night you still wake up tired and without energy.

This is because when you are asleep you don’t realize that your body is continuously trying to adjust to relieve the strain that your spine is being subjected to. This causes a broken sleep pattern and stops you from reaching deep sleep which is when your body and mind get the rest and rejuvenation that they require.

So not only will you experience the physical negatives but also the mental and emotional down sides.

What is the best mattress for back sleepers.

Most mattress types will be suitable. However your  comfort preferences will play a part in your selection. Many swear by memory foam and others advocate pocket spring systems. Both of these types have a good give and back support features which allow the heavier parts to sink into the proper position. It is important to note though that some of these mattresses provide too much give and may end up being the wrong selection.

Memory foam and pocket spring types can be quite pricey and, in our opinion, innerspring mattresses can be the best mattress for back sleepers for a few reasons. They are economical so you should be able to find an option that suits you. They provide full body support, meaning that your whole body will be supported during sleep. They come in various comfort levels so that if you prefer a firmer sleep they will trump the memory and pocket types and could very well be the best mattress for back sleepers.

The important consideration is that they need to be a medium to medium firm option. This is to give you a good degree of comfort and support.

Test some mattresses

The best way to check if it is the right fit for your need is to get onto some mattresses, position yourself in your preferred position and asses if you can feel any tension on your muscles. When you feel like you are almost experiencing a neutral feel without any pressure on any joints and you feel absolutely comfortable then you know you have found your best mattress for back sleepers.


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