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Best mattress for joint pain

What is the best mattress for joint pain?

At The Bed Guy we are focused on your comfort, that is why we continually look at sleep solutions for you, in this case the best mattress for joint pain.

What causes joint pain while sleeping?

There are two main causes of joint pain from a mattress. The first is an old mattress. When a mattress is too old the foams that make up the sleep surface are compressed. This creates a very hard surface and provides no cushion for the pressure points of your body. The result is that the pressure points begin to experience pain. The same happens when your mattress is too firm.

Types of mattresses that relieve joint pains

There are several types that can help with your pressure point pain. The common denominator is that these all have slightly softer sleep surfaces or have surfaces that soften when in contact with body heat. These mattresses can be either full foam or spring units with softer foam combinations onto of the springs. In our range we have several options that will help to cushion the pressure points.

Our selection for joint pains is as follows

Q-aloe memory foam bed

This bed has a mattress made from memory foam. The foam in this particular model has a unique property in that it moulds to your body. This is because the properties of the foam allow it to soften when it meets your body heat. The softening of the foam creates a soft sleep surface that cushions your pressure points.

Ortho-tech memory gel foam

The ortho-tech memory gel foam also has a memory foam top but it is infused with micro gel beads. This provides slightly firmer feel but is still soft enough to cushion the pressure point areas. There is a slight difference in the feel of these beds. This is because the gel beads in the foam make it a slightly stiffer mattress. The gel has an advantage over the straight memory foam in that transfer heat through the mattress. That allows it to keep you cooler in summer. The mattress though is more than suited for the ease of pressure point pain.

Spinal contour pocket spring

A pocket spring mattress is also one of the best options to relieve joint pain. Pocket spring beds have a mattress that is made up of hundreds of individual springs that are individually wrapped in a material membrane. Because the springs compress very easily the allow for a higher degree of give. The allows a softer area on the heavier parts and pressure points of the body.

Any of the beds mentioned above will provide you with the cushion and comfort that you need to get rid of the niggling joint pains. We must emphasise though that if your joint pains are due to medical conditions like arthritis, that you see a specialist in that field. It is possible that the pains cannot be remedied by a mattress.

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