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Best sleeping positions for back pain

What are the best sleeping positions for back pain?

When it comes to the best sleeping positions for back pain, there are several that can help you. But before we go into that it is important to know why sleep positions that help are so important. According to research, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability across the globe. According to this research the cause of this is not because of chronic conditions but is caused by poor posture, bad sleeping positions and bad daily lifestyle habits. So it is clear that sleep positions are of vital importance in keeping you healthy.

  1. On your side with a pillow between your legs.

This is a very common sleep position even for individuals that have no back issues. It is probably the simplest of all to get comfortable in also. To get this position you allow your left or right shoulder and hips be in contact with the mattress. You then put a small or medium sized pillow between your legs, if there is a gap between the mattress and your hips it is advisable to put a small pillow there too to relieve the stress on your spine. Just sleeping on your side will however not help on its own. It is the pillows that help keep the spine inline during sleep.

  1. The foetal position 

This position is best if have had issues with a herniated disc. If you have severe pains, it is best to first get onto your back, then roll over gently to your side and slowly pull your knees upwards until you have reached the position. Why this position helps- The sift disks that provide the cushion for your vertebrae can move out of their positions, this causes the vertebrae to rub together and cause pain. The foetal position bends and opens the spine to relieve the pressure.

  1. Pillow under tummy  

It has been said that sleeping on your belly can be bad for your back. This is only partly true, because it can have an influence on the upper back and neck but not so much the lower back. If this is your preferred position it will help if you put a small pillow under your head to keep the neck straight during sleep. Putting the pillow under your pelvic and lower abdomen area will help relieve the pressure on the spine as it opens up the vertebrae just as in the foetal position

  1. Back sleeping with pillow under your knees 

Also, a very popular sleep position for back pain as it opens the discs very much in the same way the foetal position would, but to a slightly lesser degree. So, this would be a great position for those who suffer from milder lower back pain. Another way this works for the pain is that when you sleep on your back the weight of the abdomen is spread out and places less stress on the spine than what a side sleep position would.

These are just some of the positions you can adopt to help you get rid of lower back pain. They all have a similarity in that they open the vertebrae.

Some of the positions can help but if not, it could be that you have an old or unsuitable mattress . There are mattresses that can help keep your spine in the correct position during sleep that will help relieve lower back pain.

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