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Green Sleep

 What is green sleep? The new sleep trend explained

Green sleep is the latest health and wellness trend that advocates that there are multiple benefits to sleeping outside of cities and towns – The sleep editor of Homes and Gardens tested the theory. Here’s what her experience has shed light on.

If you’re struggling to get quality sleep, new studies suggest that where you choose to sleep could be the reason. People who sleep in the city are exposed to loud noises, light pollution, and poor-quality air. Green sleep is an idea that could negate these issues by demonstrating that you can get the best sleep in a more natural sleep environment, like the bushes.

“As a city dweller, I could see how this study gained so much traction. It’s rare for my apartment to feel peaceful, and the sound of trains nearby is something I’ve had to acclimatize to. I generally have no problem getting to sleep. As being H&G’s sleep editor, that’s no surprise; after all, I sleep on one of the best mattresses on the market. But I can say that I’ve rarely woken up feeling fresh” – Louise Oliphant. Sleep editor, Homes and Gardens.

In accommodating the sudden interest in green sleep, Emma – The Sleep Company, created the Shleep Sanctuary. A one-of-a-kind retreat that helps sleepers wind down, and fall asleep in an environment that provides the ultimate relaxation experience, this gave Louise the chance to evaluate the green sleep buzz.

So here are the things you need to know about the green sleep study, including her verdict on what you can do to mirror this better sleep experience at home.

The green sleep trend explained

It’s important to note that these tests do not claim to be scientific facts. They may shed light on associations and offer solutions for better quality sleep, but there is no conclusive evidence of what may cause this. More Zzzzzz’s are needed in this area to get to the bottom of this new idea of better quality sleep.

What are the green sleep benefits?

Green sleep is believed to benefit not only your physical health but mental health too.

Adeem Azhar, clinical pharmacist and one of the founders of Healthcare Organization Core Prescribing Solutions looks at the benefits:

Reduced Noise and Light Pollution:

“Urban environments are often full of high levels of both noise and light pollution, both of which have been shown to negatively affect sleep. ‘A study published in the Journal of Urban Health found that people living in high-noise areas had a 25% increased risk of insomnia symptoms compared to those in quieter areas” said Azhar.

Light pollution:

“Similarly, excessive artificial light can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythms, impairing both sleep quality and overall health. In the absence of artificial light, people may find their sleep-wake cycles aligning more closely with the natural rhythm of daylight and darkness. This was demonstrated in a study published in Current Biology, where researchers found that exposure to only natural light (no electronic devices, artificial light) reset participants’ circadian rhythms and helped them wake up earlier,’ Azhar explained.

Better Air Quality:

The countryside often has better air quality compared to urban environments, with lower levels of air pollutants. A study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives showed that exposure to air pollution can lead to poor sleep health,’ says Azhar. Sleeping in a cleaner air environment is so much better for your respiratory systems.

Increased Exposure to Nature:

Green spaces have been associated with stress reduction, improved mood, and better cognitive functioning.’ This in turn will help you sleep better, but more importantly, wake up feeling fresh.

Calming sounds:

Sleeping in a green environment might also provide unique benefits such as opportunities for wildlife sounds to influence your dreams or simply provide a calming soundscape to fall asleep to.

Adeem Azhar- clinical pharmacist and one of the founders of Healthcare Organization Core Prescribing Solutions.


Beds types that promote green sleep

It is not enough to just change the sleep environment to a green one. If your bed does not promote a healthy sleep the whole exercise may very well be pointless. A suitable mattress is your most important sleep aid. The older trend of clean sleep refers to achieving quality sleep as opposed to quantity of sleep.

Quality sleep can only be obtained when you achieve an unbroken sleep that allows your body and mind to rest and get energised for the next day. It is vital to pick a bed that is comfortable, of the correct size, hypoallergenic and supportive. A great option that ticks all the boxes for couples are queen pocket spring beds that are covered in a bamboo fabric. A green sleep regime could be the key to improving your life through sleep.

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