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Headboards are a piece of furniture that is at the head of a bed to provide a functional space to rest your head, provide you support, and to provide aesthetics to help bring the theme of your bedroom together.

There are many different styles of headboards, made of different materials and following many different aesthetics such as rustic, modern or traditional. Headboards are a great addition  to any and all bedrooms.

Maximizing function and style

You should be sure to get the most out of the decision you make when purchasing your headboard, you should look into the factors such as; style, design and materials used when you are weighing your pros and cons.

The three most popular designs are; Traditional headboards, which is an elegant choice since it includes classic designs and intricate carvings, Modern headboards, which is recognized by the use of minimalist design and clean lines creating a sleek finish and Rustic headboards which are characterised by distressed details and natural looking wood finishing’s which help to make a cozy environment

How it helps sleep and mood

The right headboard will greatly improve your quality of sleep and your mood. There are many factors that contribute but the main ones are; Support/comfort, since a proper headboard functions as a comfortable back rest while you’re sitting upright, this will help to reduce pain that may be in your neck or upper back.

Aesthetic,it may not seem important to most people but the aesthetic of an environment greatly influences your mood and attitude, the right headboard will help to create a comforting and relaxing ambience in your sleep sanctuary which in turn will help you to rest properly. Personalisation is a big factor too as you would like your choices of bedroom furniture to reflect your personal style, creating a homely feel.


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