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Healthy sleeping equals healthy living

Healthy sleeping equals healthy living

Healthy sleeping is not as easy as it might sound, but will add so much value to your daytime that it is worth investigating ways which will help you to achieve it. and to see just why healthy living equals healthy living.

Fresh air

This might seem like a no brainer for some, but yes, fresh air is important. In our society, we are very conscious of crime, and so many people sleep with windows closed. However, by doing so we are depriving our brains of the oxygen that they need during the restorative period of rest. As a result, we wake up unrefreshed and still tired.

Just enough warmth

Too hot – no good. Too cold – no good. Just like Goldilocks we need the temperature to be just right in order to have a comfortable night’s slumber. Make sure you have either a fan, air conditioning or enough (or little) linen to set the temperature to perfect.


The all-important comfort factor cannot be ignored. Your mattress needs to be just the right amount of support and softness combined so that you have a restful night. If it’s either too hard or soft, you will most likely awake achy either way. This principle extends to your pillow/s too.

Clean linen

Keeping your sleep zone as clean as possible, will help to reduce allergens. Clean linen is at the top of this list. Since you shed skin and saliva nightly, it’s important to change your linen regularly. Opt for higher thread counts, since they harbour less bacteria. Also be sure to wash linen at high temperatures to ensure that the nasties are destroyed. There is nothing better than the feeling of crisp, clean linen on one’s skin at the end of a long day.

Neutral air

Again it’s important to try and eliminate odours in your bedroom as much as possible. Strong smells awaken the senses, and this is a minus point when trying to achieve a healthy and restful night. You really want to try and wipe out anything that will stimulate your olfactory glands, and potentially wake you.

No electronics

Most people nowadays use their cell phones for everything from photography, to phone calls to alarm clocks. However, they do stimulate you by blue light (which your brain interprets as daylight). If you wake in the middle of the night the temptation to check your phone is irresistible to some. Just checking the time when you do will over stimulate your brain because of the blue light and thus you will find it difficult to fall asleep again. Then there’s the noise from notifications which come through on a different time zone! It’s best to consider investing in a good old fashioned alarm clock and putting your phone on do not disturb.

Taking our list into consideration, we think this makes for a great night. Cool clean air, fresh linen, a comfortable mattress, darkness and silence will allow you to sleep in peace and awake refreshed and ready for the day.

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