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Hospitality beds and mattresses

What makes the perfect Hospitality beds and mattresses?

When it comes to hotels and the hospitality industry, the quality of the bed can mean the difference between a good review or a bad review. And I am sure reviews count for a whole lot when it comes to guest bookings. If you break it down to the bottom line, a hotel or guest house is selling sleep. Yes the cango caves are wonderful, Blouberg beach is beautiful and so on but if the guest has a horrid sleep experience there is a good chance they will never be back AND they will tell their friends and family about the experience and perhaps even leave a negative review . “That hotel has the worst beds”! Can you imagine people talking about your establishment like that? 

Comfort is key

There is one feature that stands out over the over the rest, comfort. Your guests expect a restful sleep and a comfortable bed is what provides that. After all they are paying good money to sleep there and some guests almost demand and expect a luxury sleep. I am sure you have come across those guests before. To keep your guests coming back and spreading the word, it goes without saying that you need to provide a supportive and comfortable sleep experience. At The bed guy we always recommend foam mattresses for your guests. They tick all the boxes as far as comfort levels and support go. 

Durability and longevity

Like insurance, beds and mattresses are often seen as a grudge purchase by the hospitality industry. The bed guy supplies a bunch of industry players and we often hear ” your cheapest option” and then down the line “these beds are collapsing and the guests are complaining”. It is not surprising when you put a 130 kg person on a bed that is made for a 70kg individual. So the cheapest option is not always viable as the beds will need replacing more often and your cost per night will actually be higher on the cheaper bed. Foam mattresses are Ideal for this scenario because they take weight better than spring beds so they will last longer and not be subject to spring distortion and collapsing

Style and looks

.While style and looks may not seem to be a big issue because the bed is covered with sheets and blankets. It is a big deal. I know I am guilty of it (maybe because of my industry) but when I get to a room when traveling or on holiday, I always go to the bed first feel it out and then lift the sheets and have a look at the mattress. I am confident I am not the only one. So when you do that and see a thin foam mattress with flowers and animals on it, what would go through your head in terms of what this establishment is offering you and if you are getting your money’s worth but more importantly, how am I going to sleep on that? 

Different comfort levels 

We all have different ideas of what soft, medium or firm is. It is only something that you can experience because what some may consider soft may be too form for another guest. So be sure to look for something that offers customizable comfort. There are a few models on the market that can offer all the sleep comfort levels. Some can be interchanged by unzipping the mattress cover and replacing different firmnesses of foam layers and some are standard manufacture but with different comfort levels on either side. The important thing is flexibility to understand and cater for your guests’ requirement. 

Bedding and accessories

While the bed is the main focus, it is also worth noting that your choice of pillows, sheets, duvets etc are fitting your establishment. Getting the best that you can afford and will complete the picture as far as a luxurious and comfortable look and feel is concerned. This will keep your guests booking with you well into the future. Remember as a hospitality establishment, you are selling sleep so invest in top quality beds and mattresses for hotel or BnB.







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