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Single Mattress Price

Getting a good nights rest is important and when shopping for a new mattress there are some other considerations to take in to account and not just the single mattress price. There are factors such as sleep quality, posture support and comfort levels to bear in mind. All of these factors will contribute to your sleep experience. Cheaper mattresses, while good for your budget may not be so good for your back.

What price should you pay for a single mattress?

Our entry level models start at 1299.00 and that will get you something with a 2-year warranty and take 70 kg per person. The mid-range options vary between 2599.00 and 4299.00. The upper end models that are packed full of features go up to 8750.00 and are the best options to buy if you need all the creature comforts

Single Mattress Size

These mattresses measure 91 cm in width and 188 cm in length. Most of these are also available in extra length. They are the sizes that fit onto bunk beds. The thicknesses of the mattress will vary depending on the model you want to purchase.

Best mattress options to buy

There are several options to choose from. These include memory foam, high density foam, pocket spring and innerspring. These types all have a benefit that can suit your specific needs. These specific needs could be a particular sleep position or issues with back or joint pain. In summary the best single mattresses for specific needs are as follows

Lower back issues

  • Memory foam mattresses – These mattresses allow the spine to be in the perfect sleep position during sleep. This eliminates the possibility of the muscles from pulling during the night.

Sensitive joints

  • A softer sleep surface will be the best for this. A firm sleep surface will put pressure onto your joints making them painful and uncomfortable.

Best options for kids

  • Because your kids need to have the best in support while allowing optimum circulation, a medium sleep surface is the best option. This allows the growth hormones to be distributed around the body properly during sleep. It also allows for the best posture support for the growing musculoskeletal system.

Options for clean breathing

  • A natural fibre fabric is suggested. There are bamboo and aloe-Vera options exactly for that. They have hypoallergenic properties that make it easier to breath at night.

How long does a single mattress last?

The average single mattress should last in between seven to ten years. This of course is dependent on the model and the usage. It is important to note that the upper end models will have a longer lifespan than the models that have a lower single mattress price.

Factors that influence the single mattress price

There are two items that will influence the single mattress price

  • Support system – There are a few types like spring systems, foam systems and pocket spring. These all come at their own price points and benefits
  • Fabrics – While some entry level single mattresses have a lower priced fabric, the upper end types tend to have more luxurious fabrics. These cost a bit more obviously.

Ways to Save Money on Single Mattress Prices

Be on the look out for specials and deals from online bed retailer, or instore promotions. There are many who will offer a good price. Always be weary of the real low end beds though, they will not be good for your back health at all.

Who has the best single mattress price?

We do. We have a best price guarantee that promises the best prices on all of our single mattresses. This guarantee ensures that you get the absolute best deal for the best quality single mattresses. Shop or high quality range for the the lowest single mattress price.

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