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South African Bed Size Guide

South African bed size guide. Bed sizes in South Africa Come in five standard sizes. The chart below will give you the dimensions for each size available.


Dimensions in cm


91 cm wide x 188 cm long

Three quarter (3/4)

107 cm wide x 188 long


137 cm wide x 188 cm long


152 cm wide x 188 cm long


183 cm wide x 188 cm long

Deciding on the right size bed is very important and there are a few factors to consider before making your final choice. These factors would include the following –

  • Size of the room – It is suggested that there is enough moving space around the bed for obvious reasons. Not only is it practical to be able to move around the room for cleaning and going about your day but also gives you enough space so that you have a clean sleeping environment. Clean sleeping is very important for your health so things like adequate ventilation space for your mattress to breathe are essential. Be sure to measure for guest bedrooms to ensure that there is enough space around the bed for additional luggage etc.
  • Alone or with a partner – We all have this image of couples cuddling and spooning in bed with happy faces. The reality though is that most people need their own space. So it is important to choose a big enough sleep surface so that you, or you and your partner have enough space to accommodate your preferred sleeping position. If you have a surface that is too small you will end up keeping each other awake. That is bad in terms of getting quality sleep, an essential part of a healthy sleep regime.
  • Restless partner – As mentioned above, a restless partner is bad for your health, simple. The reality is that broken sleep is really bad for you and if you have a restless partner it is a wise choice to choose a bed size that keeps you away from their flailing arms and legs during your sleep cycles.
  • Pets and kids – If you have a large family of kids, humans and fury, it is important to note also that they take up space in your bed. So that is another consideration to take to bed when deciding on your bed size. I suggest that you stand back when all of your critters and kids are in bed to get a feel of the space that they occupy. You can then see what added space you will need for a comfortable night’s rest.

Bed sizes explained in the South African bed size guide

Here we highlight the different types of bed sizes in our South African bed size guide, what they are used for generally and how they fit into your life.






91 cm x 188 cm

With a measurement of 91 x 188, a single bed is ideal for your little ones’ first big bed. They can get adequate quality sleep up until the end of the toddler stage

Single beds are the smallest standard size and are often used to create a king-size bed by pushing two sets together. They are also great for tiny rooms where space is not really an option

Three quarter

107 cm x 188 cm

3/4 beds are great for student digs and for kids up to the preteen years. They offer enough space for young adults too making them a good option for an economical yet acceptable sleeping surface

The second smallest option in standard sizes. The 3/4 is very popular in bulk accommodation establishments such as hostels, mines and boarding schools. They are also very popular in hospitality situations like a B&B or backpackers where space may not be a luxury


137 cm x 188 cm

Double beds are probably the most common size bought in South Africa. they can easily accommodate a young adult or teenager. They provide a good sleeping surface for good quality sleep.

Double beds are ideally suited for this modern-age living. With apartment buildings and townhome complexes becoming more and more popular. Double beds are also great for couples who are starting out in life with a limited bedroom space and budget


152 cm x 188 cm

Queen-size beds are considered the best option for couples. it gives each individual the opportunity to have enough sleeping area to get undisturbed sleep.

More common in the main bedroom of the house, they can also be a good fit for a teen or adult who has enough space in the room. It is also frequently found in medium-sized hospitality rooms.


183 cm x 188 cm

Best for couples who need a lot of their own space. The king-size bed is perfect if you need the space to have the best quality sleep. It is also recommended for large families who like to spend time in bed on movie nights.

Generally found in the main bedroom. The king size is also often found in hospitality suites and is often the end result of pushing two single beds together. The join of the two beds is often covered with a mattress converter

Extra length beds.

All of the standard-size beds should come in extra length, that is 200 cm long from head to toe. This generally accommodates the taller individual but is extremely convenient for those of us who have foot-sleeping pets. It is such an awesome way to keep your feet warm on those cold South African winter nights :). I hope you found our South African bed size guide useful.

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