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Spring beds and mattresses

Spring beds and mattresses

Spring beds and mattresses are the most commonly sold systems in South Africa. These bed and mattress types are the most affordable systems but also offer a good degree of support and durability. 

Known as Bonnell springs, this type of system has been around since mid 19th century and were adapted from horse buggy seats, These spring systems are made from a steel wire which is bent into hour glass shapes and connected into form one spring system. Different layers of foam then cover the spring to provide the comfort level. Finally, materials that complete the mattress cover the entire support system. Spring beds and mattresses have stood the test of time.

The good and the bad

There are both pros and cons to these particular types of beds. They offer unique, uniform support which is perfect for back sleepers and for those who prefer medium to firm feel sleep surfaces. Spring beds and mattresses are great for the budget if you prefer a medium to firm feel and don’t mind the odd movement during sleep

Pro’s and con’s of a spring mattress

Pro’s  Con’s
Affordability: Great for those who are shopping on a budget Does not conform to your body: The system does not allow for the best sleep contour
Durability: The design of the spring system aims to ensure lang lasting performance Motion transfer: When one partner moves the movement is felt through the entire system
Supportive: Offers good support for the spine during sleep.  Noise: Some spring units can be noisy 
Even weight distribution: The entire surface will support the same feel for individual sleepers. Weight and size: These mattress can be difficult to turn and flip 

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