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The wrong mattress could be damaging your child

Kids beds that can enhance your child’s future and set them on the path to a successful life.

Choosing the right bed for your child is possibly the most important choices we as parents will ever have to make. As a parent you often find yourself worrying about the best school, the right friends, the proper nutrition the correct choice of clothing and so many more issues. One of the biggest life decisions however is mostly overlooked. And that is the choice of mattress for your child.

When it comes to the mattress choice for your children, you probably find your self thinking “well it is only for a child so let’s go for a more affordable option” I know this because I come across this scenario almost on a daily basis. The fact is that this thought pattern could potentially ruin your child’s chance at the best possible future. The best kids beds are essential for their development.

Why sleep is important for your growing child.

When your children are sleeping, there is a lot going on both mentally and physically. making sure that he or she gets the right amount of quality sleep is so very important for a number of reasons.

  • Sleeping promotes the growth process.

During sleep, the glands produce growth hormones that feed every part of your child’s body. This includes the muscles, skeletal system, brain, internal organs, tendons, ligaments etc. Every part of your child body is reliant on these growth hormones to refresh and rejuvenate from the day’s activities and allow the body to grow.

  • Sleep strengthens the heart and lungs.

When your child is asleep, their heart rate slows and blood pressure drops. This reduces the stress on the heart muscles and allows them to relax and recover from an active day. As for the lungs the breathing deepens and slows down, this allows for better recovery and rest which promotes the strengthening of the muscles that help them contract and expand. In the case of both the heart and lungs. This results in better physical recovery during exercise and better distribution of oxygen to the muscles too when running and playing.

  • Sleep helps regulate weight.

When the body is getting the right type of sleep, the essential hormone Leptin is released into the system. This hormone is responsible for.regulating the appetite. If your child’s sleep pattern is interrupted, the distribution of the hormone is disrupted and this could lead to an irregular appetite which results in eating more than needed in order to balance out the shortage of Leptin. When your child is overeating to compensate this imbalance, the consumption of calories exceeds the number burnt during the day. This increases the risk of obesity in later stages.

  • Boosted immune system.

Proteins called cytokines are produced during sleep. The body needs these proteins to fight off infection, illness and stress. Recent studies have shown that a disrupted sleeping pattern can inhibit the production of these proteins. That leaves your body vulnerable to germs which can lead to a variety of illnesses and stress.

Why the mattress matters

Kids beds need to have the right mattress. There are two important factors that every child’s mattress must address, posture and circulation. These two mattress features will make the difference between a child that is not living up to their true potential and a child who is experiencing a bounty-full life. Let’s have a look at how they affect your child

  • Posture

The term posture is often mistakenly associated with only the position of the spine. The fact is that it refers to the entire musculoskeletal system. This includes the bones , muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, and all other connective tissues. When there is not proper support for the body this whole system can be thrown out of sync. What then happens is that the entire body is fighting during sleep to get the correct alignment of the system. Although you are not aware of it your sleep pattern is disrupted and the deep sleep cycles never happens or very little of it does. these deep sleep cycles are the important parts of sleep as that is when the magic happens in your child’s body with the distribution of hormones and proteins

  • Circulation

The circulation feature of a kids bed is termed “comfort level” and this refers to the hardness of the sleeping surface. In general there are three degrees of that. Those are firm, medium and soft. Of these three surfaces, the suggested one for kids beds is medium. The medium firmness allows for the best blood circulation through the body. The circulatory system is what carries the nutrients, hormones and proteins through the body during sleep. If the surface is to firm, the blood flow could be hampered and that would cut off the supply of the essential elements to the body. if the surface were too soft, the body would tend to fall into the problem posture alignment as outlined above.

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