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Guest bedroom beds- How to choose the right one

Guest bedroom beds can be a nightmare to choose from. You may have to fork out a lot of money for a bed that may never get used and then you have to consider if it is a good choice for any that may need to sleep in it. 

Factors to consider when buying a guest bed 

There are a few things you need to take into account with your choice of guest bedroom beds. Most of us see this as a grudge purchase because it is a have-to-have bedroom item rather than a want. But we need to remember that it might be our mother-law who would need to sleep on them, so you need to weigh up whether it is a good idea to have a bed that is going to make her stay pleasant or unbearable, just an example 🙂 

Budget for the bed

Before we go into this section it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. So with that said, buying the cheapest bed set is just not going to cut it unless it’s just to fill the space.

If you are planning on spending the least amount possible on the guest bed it is better to go with a foam option for the bedroom. Spring beds in the entry-level range tend to be unstable due to a lack of support and can get easily damaged. You would also start to feel the spring through the comfort layer. Not a very pleasant sleep experience I am sure you can agree. 

Choosing the correct size guest bed.

It is very common to misread the available bedroom space. So it’s best to measure the area properly before buying a bed for your guest bedroom. The area surrounding the bed should be easy to walk around without bumping into any of the bedroom furniture. Check out our bed size guide to make sure you have the right dimensions. We tend to see double beds being the most popular beds for the spare room. They fit into most spare bedrooms and can enhance the bedroom design.

Comfort and support

On many occasions, your guest bedroom inhabitants could be on holiday, and the same adage that we use in the hospitality industry would apply. That is the guest will not remember the great food, company, or views, BUT they will remember how badly they slept on a bed that did not meet their comfort requirement.

It is common in the hospitality sector that a bad bed can result in the guest never coming back. The same will be true for your house guests. So a medium feel foam mattress is probably the best option as they are great with spinal support, sleep surface comfort, and their ability to carry weight.

Durability and maintenance of your guest bedroom beds

Of course, longevity needs to play a part too. You don’t want to be replacing a bed too soon, especially if it is a spare that is occasionally used. Once again we come back to the suggested foam beds. They are easier to clean, last longer, and are more tolerant of heavy sleepers if you have a healthy South African sleeping in them. Be sure to check out the above before deciding on your guest bedroom bed. 

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